A development team that has successfully worked in synergy with carefully selected leaders on the national and international boatbuilding scene. A working group coordinated by the Project Manager Paolo Pizzi, with the sole aim of making the Santarpia 55 a craft at the technological state of the art.

Techno Team - srl

Over the years, Matteo Montani and the TechnoTeam Design Office staff have built up impressive know-how in product design. With the "Santarpia 55" project, the organisation has shown itself to possess leading-edge ideas and top-class specific technical abilities, giving immediate proof of its versatility and meticulous attention to details in the development of excellent internal and external design features for the craft: they have conceived and designed the furnishings, the topsides and the superstructures.

The resulting external design is extremely dynamic, while the outstanding use of the internal space available makes this 53-footer a worthy competitor of craft for much longer length.


C&B Nautica sas

Born in 1986, the company is one of the most qualified boatyard, versed in combining innovation and tradition and able to face any need coming from market, from the creation to the set up of pleasure crafts.


QAYOT Design Emotion - sas

QAYOT Design Emotion, a specialist in the creation, production and distribution of light fittings and interior design accessories, provided the support needed for the selection of the materials and suppliers for the outfitting of the boat. The result is a synthesis of convenience and functionality for every single item, both individually and in its project context. QAYOT’s focus on the overall stylistic effect has been particularly impressive.


Arredarte Srl

Arredarte mostly engages to nautical furniture. Thanks to the high hand-crafted experience, added to a modern building technology and to a professional selection of materials, offers the clients an elegant and prestigious production.


Persico Nautical Division - spa

The Persico spa Nautical Division works with Europe’s leading boatbuilders: it has constructed the latest version of Luna Rossa, and craft by Azimut, Riva, Cantieri di Sarnico, Maxi Dolphin, Benetti, Rizzardi, etc.

The Staff, under the direction of Mr Rottigni and Mr Mascheretti, designed the quick-works and created the moulds for the hull, deck and prototype, generating an extremely high-performance hull.

Persico also constructed the moulds, using CNC milling machines with 3D supports. The hull and deck will be moulded by the infusion technique. This modern construction method will guarantee immense savings in terms of weight, guaranteeing uniform resin distribution in all the craft’s critical points.


Volvo Italia - spa

Volvo Italia, represented on this project by Mr Belloni and Mr Buzzini, has contributed enthusiastically to the Santarpia 55 project, providing backup from the outset in terms of outstanding technical verifications and feasibility studies. Volvo’s decades of experience and its know-how acquired over long years in the nautical sector have enabled us to choose the most suitable, high-performance, environment-friendly engine and drive system in the category, with an innovative steering system allowing automotive-type handling.

In association with Persico and Techno-Team, Volvo has developed the Santarpia 53’s performance features, and provided the project partners with the drive units’ essential parameters and data.

For Cantieri Santarpia, the decision to install the Volvo IPS engine and drive system derives above all from the desire to protect the environment in terms of emissions (the lowest in the category) without sacrificing performance. The engine fuel intake system is electronically controlled. An ECU gathers the data and optimises the mixture supplied to the intake lines, to ensure the best air-fuel mixture in all situations and weather conditions.


Böning Automationstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG

Advanced systems for the control and management of trim and monitors.


Nautica F4 - snc

Nautica F4, the well-known Brescia-based manufacturer of doors and windows in the boatbuilding field, will produce all the Santarpia 55’s glazing, windows and portholes in association with the architect Matteo Montani.


Martignoni Comunicazione Integrata - srl

Martignoni Comunicazione Integrata offers the organisation, capabilities and service of a large agency while maintaining the dynamism, flexibility and spirit of innovation typical of independent agencies.

The Agency has handled all aspects of the Cantieri Santarpia 1911 brand, from definition of the communication strategy to media relations and creative development: the design of the logo and stationery, and production of the printed matter and web site.

It will also be strategic-operating consultant in the development of the web marketing projects and events organisation (promotion and merchandising activities) linked to the launch of the Santarpia 53.


Tecno-Elettra Sebina - snc

Nautical electrical systems since 1990, custom-made patch boxes, dashboard control bridges, electronic navigation, navigation management systems, engine systems.

Great excitement for the excellent performances and the extraordinary comforts of Santarpia 55. Watch the video
News and events
The first video of Santarpia 55
November 2009: Great excitement for the excellent performances and the extraordinary comforts of Santarpia 55, revealed during the World Boat Test realized with the cooperation of Yacht&Sail experts team. Watch the video.
Oncoming debut in TV
29th September 2009: only few days ago, Cantieri Santarpia staff completed the last test, with the support of Yacht&Sail editorial team. The images and the video will be visible for the first time in the next weeks on Yacht&Sail Channel and on Youtube.
Launch of Santarpia 55 at Cannes
9-14 September 2009: great debut for the Cantieri Santarpia 55 feet at the Salon International de la Plaisance at Cannes. Moored at Quai Saint Pierre, it has been visited by thousands of nautical connoisseurs, insiders, lovers or simply curious visitors who was made fascinated, both for the external shape and the internal finish.
First nautical drive tests
August 2009: launch for Santarpia 55 near Portovenere’s Gulf. Expectations have been totally satisfied both for performance – with a reached max. speed of 34 Kn and 30 Kn as cruising speed – and for the asset and the comfort during the navigation.